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Engage the customer at the right moment

Nurturing and converting leads

The customer: Regional Telco Provider
As one of the region’s biggest telco providers, they were having challenges in converting their cold leads into warm leads. In addition, they could not accurately engage the leads according to where the leads are in the sales funnel.





We devised a 3-step lead generation approach that consisted of the following steps:

  • Deep-Dive

  • Engagement Strategy

  • Iteration



1. Deep-Dive
We spent time with the project stakeholders and other relevant internal stakeholders to understand more about the company’s solutions and services. What we wanted to do was to make use of the 3Rs when it comes to technicalities: remove, reduce and replace as much technical jargon as possible. We also conducted an audit of its past and existing content and sales materials to identify the gaps of their sales funnel.

  • Sales journey mapping

  • Customer personas

  • Key insights and takeaways

  • Content audit

2. Engagement Strategy
After several intensive sessions with the customer, we strategised and created a lead generation and nurturing campaign anchored by a Needs Assessment tool. This tool nurtures prospects through their buying journey, provides them with a solutions report, and completes their experience with a sales person attending to them based on their specific needs.


We also incorporated a Leads Scoring system with a prospect dashboard for the sales team, who will then be informed of the prospect’s exact needs.


To close the loop, we conceptualised a digital traffic driving campaign that would direct prospects to the needs assessment tool. The campaign took place on LinkedIn, Google Ads as well as an eDM drip campaign.


  • Needs assessment tool

  • Traffic driving strategy to the assessment tool

3. Iteration
We monitored the Google Analytics of the Needs Assessment tool to identify drop-offs, thereafter making iterations to CTAs and certain messages to encourage click-throughs. The same was applied to the traffic driving strategy over the course of 4 weeks and made iterations to identify the type of messages that work.


  • Variations of traffic driving messages

  • Variations of CTAs

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