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Empowering ecosystem partners


The customer: Global IT Solutions Provider
BACKGROUND: Meant for traditional software companies and hosting providers, our client — an on-premise cloud-based service provided — started a Partner Transforming Program (PTP) that aims to help them in switching from on-premise infrastructure to a cloud-based architecture. While developing the PTP, we realised that a lot of partners face technical and commercial challenges while moving to a cloud-based architecture. We asked ourselves: how do we remove these barriers to entry for the partners to enable a seamless and exciting transition?

  • The PTP is an AWS initiative to help traditional software companies / hosting providers / system integrators to switch from on-prem infra to cloud-based architecture.

  • We see a lot of partners struggle with the switch, on both the technical and commercial front.

  • Through the PTP workshop, OTL help the partners to successfully transition into either using or selling cloud-based solutions.

  • At the end of the workshop, each partner will receive a tailored 100-day plan and OTL will guide and hand hold them throughout the journey.

Our solution

We started by doing an in-depth discovery about each individual partners’ business model, go-to-market capabilities and service offerings. Then, we tailored a series of intensive and interactive PTP workshops with these partners and their stakeholders. Through these workshops, we helped them clearly identify their strengths and challenges and define their business goals before mapping these findings with a road map on how to best scale their business using their cloud platform and internal processes and resources. Through the PTP workshops, we helped partners transition successfully into either using or selling cloud-based solutions. Partners also received a tailored 100-day plan where we guide throughout this journey.

  1. SWOT Analysis

  2. Tools and capabilities map

  3. Detailed 100-day road map towards success


  • Partners gained access to new prospects and complementary partners via our client’s platform

  • Achieved brand visibility through marketing and event development funds, speaking spots and feature articles

  • Gained traction on client’s marketplace

  • Support on how to drive up product/solution ratings

  • Aligned infrastructure with best-in-class practices

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