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See how Mastersystem and AWS went from plan to 500% increase in revenue in



We design your go-to-market strategy. We set the runway for you to go far. We are your advisors that you can lean on.

Embracing change is never easy and we like finding ways to simplify difficulties. Not sure why, but we really do.

As advocates of embracing and driving change, we want to help businesses like yours discover new opportunities for growth, scalability and sustainability.


3-step Go-To-Market approach

Drive growth in your business. New product. New segment. New geography. New stage in your start-up.

Business Meeting
  • Growth objectives and goals / roadmap

  • Customer needs vs. Product fit mapping

  • Customer value creation

  • Product-market fit assessment

  • GTM Recommendations

Assess Product-Market Fit

  • Buyer's persona

  • Buyer's journey

  • Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD)

  • GTM Recommendations

What are the deliverables

Business Brainstorming
  • Define GTM success metrics + sales impact

  • GTM implementation Sales approach, Marketing approach

  • Positioning / Value Proposition design

What are the deliverables

Design Go-To-Market Plan

  • GTM implementation blueprint

  • Value Proposition Design and Implementation framework

Online Shopping
  • GTM implementation 5W2H

  • GTM assets-in-a-box creation:

  • Sales tools​

  • Marketing campaign assets

  • GTM onboarding for sales / marketing​

  • Guided Selling for sales acceleration

What are the deliverables

Implement and Execute

  • GTM plan

  • GTM assets-in-a-box

  • Guided Selling

  • GTM effectiveness tracking

Take a look at some of our projects


Pivoting a Business

Moving from a service integration to Saas provider

Group Discussion

Nurturing and Converting Leads

Engage the customers at the right moment 


Empowering Ecosystems Partners

Accelerate business growth with the right tools


Guided Selling

Redesigning a communications strategy


Empowering Insurance Advisors

The right and relatable conversations

Our engagement approach with customers like you

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Get started with Over The Line

Thinking of integrating or orchestrating an impactful Go-to-Market strategy but not sure how to?
Let's grab a cup of coffee (we prefer a glass a wine, actually) and we'd be happy to share more.

Guided Selling

Do you have a large portfolio to sell?

  • Are your sales rep experiencing challenges on which products to position?

  • Is your distributed sales force having trouble delivering your product value proposition to prospective customers?

  • Is it difficult to grow and enable your partner sales force exponentially in a timely fashion?

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If your answer is "Yes" to the above, we can help you.

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